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Lewis Clark Valley Bicycle Alliance

graphic by Shel Silverstein


 Shel Silverstein discovered a world of fantasy and magic. Too often Lewis Clark Valley pedestrians and cyclists just find gravel, a pothole or two, and a feeling that you . . . 

. . . just can't get there from here.

If you would like to restore the magic, or even just extend the sidewalk, come join us.

The Lewis Clark Valley Bicycle Alliance

Several TRCers are already members of this new advocacy organization.


The goal of the organzation is to be there whenever issues important to bicyclists and pedestrians come up in public meetings and transportation decision making sessions.


We are just getting started, so there is lots to do. More members means the work gets distributed better. 


Check us out at our working page by search google for LCVBikeandped.

Lewis Lewi