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Cycling Sojourner Washington Reviewed
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Revieew of Cycling Sojourner, a bicycle touring guide to routes in Washington State
Lewis Clark Valley Bicycle Alliance
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Are you a frustrated cyclists or walker who wants to use either mode to get around in the valley, come join us advocating for bike and pedestrian issues.
What are those mileage marks on the trail?
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Where are the zero points?
John Gordon's Trail Mark Proposal
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Do you ride or run on the levy bike paths? If so you know they are sometimes marked off in quarter mile segments but not always and not soncisistently. Now comes a plan from the corps to make them really useful.
Moderation in all things!
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From nutrition to exercise, living is complicated. Dave Sperry provides Nutrion advice while Brian Rothfusz links a couple of articles that my call into question some of your most treasured pre-conceptions.
Lance-o-grams from Haiti
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Lance spent a week in Haiti repairing medical tech.