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Bite the Bullet Day Tour

70 Miles

4000 feet of climbing

9 AM, Sunday, May 28, 2017.

Lapwai Grocery parking lot.

 Bite The Bullet Day Tour 9:00 am

If you are looking for the 16 mile race to Winchester from CuldeSac, it is gone.  In its place we are offering a semi-supported club day ride of 68 miles.

Start time: 9 am (arrive and set up before) 

Location: Grocery in Lapwai off 95

Date: Sunday, May28, 2017. Lapwai Grocery parking lot. Roll time is 9 am.

Donations for the SAG driver (if we have one) are appreciated.


You are still welcome to race up the old Winchester Grade, but the rest of us are just going to enjoy the spectacles to the east and south west.


CuldeSac Road Short Cut Taking this route back to CuldeSac reduces the trotal trip to 55 miles.Riding down to highway 12 is 5 miles shorter than taking Cottonwood Creek. You still get to admire the panoramic views to the south and east as you climb the Old Grade and spot the wild flowers in yellows, purples and blues and hear the birds a twitter.

But this year we'll take you over two miles off of 95 to the Reubens-Gifford Road. This is again rural, scenic, and a bit challenging though nothing like the old grdae.

Before highway 12, we'll turn back south and ride through Cottonwood Creek back to Lapwai. Most of Cottonwood Creek is a gentle climb but be warned from Tom Beall Road you have another 1000 foot climb before droping down on Garden Gulch to 95 into Lapwai..

 Click the image for more pictures from this route.

This is probably the most scenic road ride we do. It is not for beginners and won't be formerly supported. You can eat at the LakeSide Cafe in Winchester or pick up a snack at one of the two convenience stores there, but you won't find food or water again until you are back inLapwai, so expect to carry your favorite snack bar for munching before you tackle Cottonwood Creek.